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The Foundation for American Institutional Reform (FAIR) is a non-profit organization that was founded to jumpstart, continue, or promote the important conversations and dialogue needed for our nation to be moved to action for change.

Change not necessarily just in the political arena, but in a plethora of establishments, both public and private, that affect our daily lives. With our nation having descended into a veritable oligarchy, it will take a movement to reach a “critical mass,” or “tipping point,” in order to correct the system. At FAIR, we believe that the dissemination of the knowledge of what is truly taking place at an institutional level is paramount to the cause, if we are to have any real chance at turning the ship around. It also needs to be done in a way that everyone can relate to, and see how it impacts them in their daily lives, that it’s not just someone else’s problem far, far away.

With that as the premise, we hope to provide access to the information that can make sense of complicated issues, expose the realities behind seemingly mundane occurrences, and enhance the possibilities of critical thinking when it comes to issues that make a global impact but are undersold to the public.

We believe in you

We at FAIR understand that there are many organizations that are doing great work in highlighting specific industries and establishments, and we intend to work with them to promote their work even more. In fact, this would be absolutely necessary to realize our vision. We hope that our work will touch as many people as possible, and that if it does touch you, that you join us in this endeavor. It would only be fair.

Mission: To effect change by creating critical mass through the promotion of critical thinking.




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Our Vision is to

a) investigate the institutions that oversee the banking, education, military, government, natural resources, news media, social services, and health industries.

b) educate the masses about the impact of such institutions being under corporate influence, and

c) to encourage and actively promote collaborative and coordinated nonviolent action, including civil disobedience, that can effect meaningful change.

Citizens Rights:

Our rights as American citizens...

Elections/ Govt

Influence of big money, rigging of elections.

Environment/ Natural resources

The business of Fracking, water resources: then and now.

Defense/ Military

Foreign Aid: Also known as Welfare for Arms manufacturers.


Fractional Reserve and the Federal reserve Act: The downfall of American capitalism.


Student Loans: The big business structured to indebt the nation.


Cancer: An industry-fueled disease flourishing because of Big Pharma.

Government Agency

How the NSA and the CIA stay above and outside Capitol Hill.


If Obesity and Disease were not a business model, healthy food would be on store shelves.



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13506 Summerport Village Pkwy
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Windermere, FL 34786 USA

Phone: (407) 921.1860.

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